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Driving Efficiency & Collaboration with Modern BI Tools

2016 Buyers Kit For BI And Analytics

The massive amounts of data generated in today’s digital economy creates an opportunity for enterprises to operate and make decisions at a speed previously unattainable. But legacy, siloed BI tools aren’t sufficient to make this rapid decision-making a reality. The challenge and opportunity for executives is to have real-time dashboards that speed the decision-making process.

Birst’s modern BI tools work on a single platform to eliminate data silos and allow everyone in the enterprise to look at the same data in real-time. Birst BI tools work in a multi-tenant cloud architecture that is secure, networked and adaptive for its users.

Advantages of Birst’s BI tools and solutions are:

  • Reduced reliance on IT.
  • Faster decision-making.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Data in one centralized location.
  • Data management and ETL capabilities.

Easily pull in real-time data from almost any source system including, SaaS, cloud-based, data warehouse, or on-premise systems with Birst BI tools. Discover more benefits by downloading the BI Buyer’s Kit today.