BI and Analytics Platform

Birst’s Unique Platform for 2-Tier BI and Analytics

White Paper - Platform for Networked Business Analytics cover

The landscape of BI and analytics has changed. Companies today are struggling to bridge the divide between centralized BI teams supporting enterprise requirements and user-led decentralized teams demanding greater agility. Closing this gap is the key to ensuring BI and analytics success.

Birst uniquely delivers A Platform for 2-Tier BI and Analytics which empowers business users with the speed, autonomy and agility they demand while giving IT leaders the governance mechanisms they need to deliver a comprehensive and consistent view of the business.

Download our technical white paper and learn:

  • The three primary design principles that guide the development of the Birst 2-Tier platform and create trust in the data.
  • How Birst provides a complete 2-tier BI and Analytics platform, including a Business-ready Data Tier and an adaptive user experience.
  • The key elements of Birst’s cloud architecture and how it differs from traditional legacy architecture.
  • Myriad security measures – including physical, operational, application and data security – inherent with the Birst solutions.

Download the white paper now.