Analytics As A Service

Eliminate Complex Data Assimilation with Analytics As A Service


Every business struggles these days with this critical question: How do we assimilate and analyze the complex mix of enterprise and user-generated data that pertains to our business? The ability to rapidly analyze and act on this data can mean the difference between attracting customers – to losing them to the competition. But wait, there is a solution!

Birst’s 2-Tier BI and analytics technology understands this problem and provides a total platform from data acquisition, to transformation, modeling and analysis — all within a fully integrated, 100% multi tenant cloud architecture. Birst, a provider of business analytics, ensures that user-generated data and analysis provide solutions for organizations to combine and analyze data in order to be more successful.

Birst has re-thought the analytic experience with the following:

  • Adaptive User Experience is the solution for enterprises with mixed user requirements
  • User Data Tier takes the difficulty out of aggregating enterprise and user-generated data
  • Multi-tenant Cloud Architecture links all parts of the value chain without sacrificing performance

Start today! Transform how your business assimilates and analyzes data by reviewing the Forrester Wave Report.