Executives in manufacturing organizations are constantly seeking to get insights into the performance of their business functions – like inventory, production costs, manufacturing quality, resource efficiencies, etc. This is becoming increasingly difficult due to numerous point applications that are used across the enterprise.

Thirdware Manufacturing Analytics is a comprehensive, pre-built solution that delivers pervasive intelligence across the organization. Intuitive and role-based, these solutions transform and integrate data from disparate sources into actionable insights.

This empowers users at all levels – from frontline operational users to senior management – with the key information they need to maximize effectiveness. The solution is organized into logical dashboard pages, with each page containing focused information related to specific areas of concern.

Thirdware’s Manufacturing Analytics solution is built on Birst’s Cloud BI platform. Birst, through its Networked BI capability, has the industry’s most innovative approach to address the problem of information silos.

This enables end users with the capability to access a shared fabric of analytically-ready data in a true self-service model.

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