Data Visualization is a hot topic in the data world these days. Seeing your organization’s data mapped out in a colorful graph is more stimulating and easier to immediately understand—if created accurately and if it uses the right data. If you can have your data visualizations embedded in your dashboards, you get extra credit. Dashboards help all types of business users create an adaptive user experience, visualize complex data sets, and provide management with a timely snapshot of their organization to help them make smarter, data-driven decisions to manage business growth and performance.

We are always looking for smart, new perspectives like those from the data visualization software research team at Software Advice. They recently released a report, titled “Data Visualization Software BuyerView 2014,” which outlines the top data visualization buyer trends in 2014. The report analyzes a random selection of nearly 400 buyer interactions to uncover the top applications, common pain points and reasons for seeking a new software solution.

Following are some interesting findings from the report:

  • 85% of buyers were using non-BI software to handle their business intelligence needs.
  • 70% of buyers wanted a system with reporting capabilities; 46% wanted a solution that generates KPI overviews.
  • 95% of buyers preferred an integrated suite.

The below slideshare is an excellent summary of the findings from the Data Visualization Software BuyerView report:

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