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More than Data: It’s Networked BI that Enables a “Single Version of the Truth”

Data governance is a broad topic that people seem to agree is important, but still argue about the details. Specifically, it’s hard to find an IT professional or BI and Analytics user who doesn’t believe that good execution on data governance will yield the “single version of the truth” required to make confident, accurate business decisions.

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Analytics Success Starts With Value-Based Design

[This is the first in a series of blogs on the Birst Value-Based Design (VBD) process. This installment focuses on identifying the top metrics for any analytics deployment, and future blogs will cover other aspects of the VBD process.]

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2017 Gartner Critical Capabilities: Birst Recognized in New Analyst Study

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Independent research studies by recognized industry analysts are an important tool for companies evaluating software solutions and the vendors that offer them. For vendors, these studies can act as unbiased confirmation of their claims. Meanwhile, customers can use this research to help them navigate a crowded market and find products that are best tailored for their particular use cases.

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