Over the past few months Birst has been generating a lot of attention thanks to its partnership with SAP. The Birst integration with the SAP HANA platform is a brilliant use case showcasing our breakthrough 2-tier BI technology. This solution delivers instant analytics in the cloud and turns insight into action faster than ever. It is thrilling to see companies use Birst to tap into enterprise data sources and seamlessly unify them with user data sources, analyzing millions and millions of records in just a few seconds.

In a multi-part blog series (Part 1, Part 2), Ronald Konijnenburg from SAP Partner Interdobs B.V., describes his experience being introduced to Birst at SAP TechEd, and shares his perspective on where he sees Birst fitting within the SAP ecosystem. He then writes about connecting Birst to a HANA data store, and using our visual discovery interface to explore millions of records of data.

“Using the visualization option and selecting weekly earnings per state name shows the results instantaneously. Not bad for a select on over 2 million records not using the cache!”

It is always encouraging when we see people experiencing the power of Birst and SAP HANA for the first time. By combining the most agile cloud analytics solution with the fastest data store available today, we can give organizations the ability to run more analyses on more data, make it available to more people, and at unprecedented speeds. In SAP’s own benchmark test on a 100TB 100 billion row data set, almost all queries ran in less than a second.

Companies are finding ways to become data-driven organizations. Speed and agility are enormous drivers of this transformation. At Birst, we continue to deliver on the promise of instant analytics, to put insight into the hands of every person in your organization.