NetSuite customers, rejoice! Today Birst Express for NetSuite is officially available! What does that mean and why are we thrilled? For the first time, Birst’s powerful analytics can be embedded with NetSuite, bringing together the power of robust analytics and sophisticated business applications to help NetSuite users better understand their ERP data. And the best part is, it’s available to NetSuite customers at no additional cost. Customers just need a SuiteAnalytics Connect license to take advantage of this free Birst version.

Now NetSuite users can easily examine and view the status of key metrics, arming them with actionable insights that create immediate business value and drive greater operational efficiency across their entire organization. Thousands of companies successfully use NetSuite applications to improve back-office ERP processes and it has proven to be a great tool for managing financial and customer operations. However, it isn’t architected for robust analytics…that’s where the power of Birst comes in.

Birst Express for NetSuite is designed to help companies understand operational data in new ways using sophisticated analytics and interactive visualizations. By embedding Birst’s business intelligence platform within NetSuite’s software suite, customers can optimize business processes, ultimately driving better performance.

Delivering a library of pre-built KPIs, reports and dashboards that help users better understand and identify business-critical information, such as determining the most and least profitable products, tracking vital pricing trends, spotting billing issues, and pinpointing bottlenecks that stunt performance, Birst Express for NetSuite provides decisive business value for organizations of all sizes. Moreover, to help users explore data and discover insights even more easily and quickly, Birst Express for NetSuite includes our breakthrough visualization technology, Birst Visualizer, which combines Google-like search and Amazon-like recommendations to take data discovery to the next level.

Together, Birst and NetSuite’s technology partnership is bringing immense value to our joint customers. Our new out-of-the-box solution is easy to use; available at no additional cost; increases user efficiency; and saves time. That’s quite a few good reasons to try it out! We hope you do, and let us know what the power of Birst can do for you.