Infor’s April 25 announcement of its intent to acquire Birst has generated a very positive response from the media and industry analysts, who see great synergies between the two companies. Below are links to, and brief excerpts from, some of the coverage that has resulted:

Enterprise Times: Infor Acquires Cloud-Native BI

Enterprise Times logo“Birst, a cloud-native company, has built a platform to handle complex data analysis and presentation. It is a good fit for Infor, which will gain from Birst’s reputation in the market and some high profile customers (including American Express Global Business Travel, Kellogg’s, Reckitt Benckiser, Schneider Electric, and Citrix). Birst was recently ranked top for Embedded Analytics by Gartner.”  Ian Murphy, Editor

Diginomica: Infor Buys Birst, Beefs up Cloud BI to Complement ERP

Diginomica logo“Here at Diginomica, we’ve been keeping a close eye on Birst over the past few years. Clearly, there’s a cross and up-sell opportunity here, with Birst’s BI capabilities complementing Infor’s ERP portfolio. Charles Phillips, CEO of Infor, said that Infor was attracted to Birst because of its ‘deep BI pedigree. [Birst] built a modern BI platform with an understanding of future needs, experience with a wide variety of use cases, and commitment to the cloud. Now is the time to converge this cloud native BI platform with the world’s first industry cloud company. We’re going to define the next generation of analytical applications.’” – Stuart Lauchlan, Co-Founder and Editor

Constellation Research: Infor Acquires Birst for Cloud Business Intelligence: What It Means

Constellation Research logo“Birst’s feature set is robust, and the company has what Infor needs to meet customer demands. Infor and Birst also have complementary domain expertise. This is a natural move, as enterprise applications move into the cloud. Birst gives Infor a mature, customer-ready cloud business intelligence platform.” – Doug Henschen, Vice President and Principal Analyst

Amalgam Insights: AI Analyzes Infor’s Intent to Acquire Birst, A Cloud BI Trailblazer

Amalgam Insights logo“Birst has been a company that AI investigators have tracked for almost a decade, as it has always been one of the trailblazers and market leaders in the standalone Cloud BI world. I’ve seen first-hand how Birst has consistently been a strong BI solution in terms of providing triple-digit ROI with rapid implementation and the ‘agility’ that has become a BI expectation in linking new data to enterprise-grade analytics.” – Hyoun Park, CEO and Founder (formerly Chief Research Officer at Blue Hill Research)

ComputerWeekly: Infor to Buy Cloud BI Company Birst

Computer Weekly logo“Commenting on Infor’s planned acquisition of Birst, Brad Peters, Birst’s Chairman, Founder and Chief Product Officer, said, ‘Infor is the perfect home for Birst, providing the global scale and resources to accelerate our short-term growth and also a common long-term vision for the future of data-driven businesses using advanced business intelligence, artificial intelligence and machine learning.’” – Brian McKenna, Business Applications Editor

Computing: Infor Acquires Birst for Cloud Business Intelligence and Analytics

Computing logo“In announcing its intent to acquire Birst, Infor noted that Birst brings “a cloud-native platform for sourcing, refining, and presenting standardized data insights at scale to drive business decisions. Birst’s BI technology spans extract, transform, and loading (ETL), operational reports, dashboards, semantic understanding, visualization, smart discovery, and data blending – all in an end-to-end BI suite hosted in the cloud.” – Graeme Burton, Chief Reporter

Datanami: Infor Buys Cloud Analytics Vendor Birst

Datanami logo“Brad Peters, Birst’s chairman and chief product officer, said that the deal gives Infor, along with cloud-based business intelligence, access to emerging artificial intelligence and machine learning tools that are becoming standard features on analytics platforms. Infor, which has been incorporating big data analytics into its enterprise resource management (ERP) software, said the acquisition would allow it to “define the next generation of analytical applications” in the cloud.” – George Leopold, Contributing Editor

Solutions Review: Data & Analytics Week in Review – 4/28/2017

Solutions Review logoIn her weekly Data & Analytics video review program, host Ashley Troutman covers Infor’s announced acquisition of Birst, commenting that “the Birst business intelligence platform connects the entire enterprise through a network of virtualized BI instances, on top of a shared, common analytical fabric. She also noted the synergies between Birst and Infor, which “over the last six years, has built one of the largest cloud companies in the world, with 65 million users in more than 100 countries.”