Birst truly believes that you can’t be a successful company if you don’t have happy employees, customers and partners. When people ask about what I value most about my role at Birst, I usually start with talking about each of those entities and then I talk about the technology that Birst has – underscoring the value of each individual piece but showcasing the power in the aggregate value of how they all work together.

This week I was able to participate in SAP’s TechEd conference and was invited by Steve Lucas, President, SAP Platform Solutions, to discuss Birst’s partnership with SAP during his opening keynote. The conference was an impressive gathering of people that were all there to talk about how they are putting SAP’s technologies to work for their businesses and how they are solving real-world problems using the impressive ecosystem of partnerships and technologies that SAP brings to the table. I shared the stage with some inspirational industry colleagues including Vijay Vijayasankar, VP Global Channels business development @MongoDB, and John Appleby of Bluefin Solutions. I thought I would share the portion of the keynote here and if you are interested in seeing the entire keynote just click here.