Adding analytics to your product can be a difficult proposition. I know, because I’ve been there. As a product owner, I gained a lot of experience launching embedded data products, and frankly, made a number of mistakes along the way before finally getting it right. Fortunately, I took good notes and eventually came up with techniques to avoid the pitfalls common to most data product owners.

kevin_smithOver the last few years, I’ve started sharing this information with others, to arm them with all of the information that they’ll need in order to make the decision that is best for their organization.

It is in this spirit that we are launching the three-part “Powered by Birst” webinar series, which is intended to give you the full picture on how to build a great embedded analytics product that drives new users and keeps existing users engaged.

  1. Build versus Buy: Whether to buy analytics or to build it is often the first question faced by companies seeking to add analytical insights to their product. The answer is not as easy as simply comparing costs, because key elements can be overlooked, strategic decisions may be omitted and hidden costs might be missed. This webinar will show you how to avoid these common pitfalls and traps.
  2. How to Choose an Embedded Analytics Platform: This webinar will teach you which product attributes are most critical for your embedded analytics platform.
  3. Embedded Customer Experience: Hear directly from a customer on the decisions they made and the criteria they relied upon along the way.

The first webinar, Build vs. Buy: Make the Right Choice for a Great Data Product, is scheduled for Thursday, July 30, 2015 at 10AM (Pacific) / 1PM (Eastern).

Register today and learn how to:

  • buy_build_webinarFrame the decision to make the best possible choice for your business
  • Calculate the monetary portion of the Build vs. Buy decision
  • Determine the strategic impact of embedding analytics
  • Avoid the traps into which many projects fall

If your organization is looking to create a great embedded analytics product, the “Powered by Birst” webinar series is for you.