qvidian_webinar_speakersAre you looking for dashboards and analytics that will grow your product adoption, increase value for your customers and boost your product differentiation – without exhausting your time and resources?

If so, join us for a new webinar, “How Qvidian Gained a Competitive Advantage with Birst Embedded Analytics”, where you’ll learn firsthand how Birst helped Qvidian, the innovator in sales execution solutions, do just that.

In this interview-style webinar, Birst will speak with Karen Meyer, Qvidian VP of Products and Mike Cochrane, VP of Analytics at Birst premier partner, Cervello, to uncover how Qvidian successfully added analytics to its product.

Register now for this webinar, where you will learn:

  • Qvidian’s primary goals and objectives for embedding analytics into its product
  • How Birst met Qvidian’s key criteria for selecting a BI and analytics platform
  • Implementation details, time lines and rollout in partnership with Cervello
  • Quantifiable results Qvidian experienced to date, including increased customer renewals and pipeline growth
  • Best Practices for embedding analytics