Today, data and analytics are mission-critical to the success of every organization.

networkedBI_smalltileMost data is spread out across many different, siloed sources: enterprise applications, the cloud, data warehouses, Big Data lakes, departmental databases and user spreadsheets. And it’s a problem to unify all the data and keep distributed users and teams aligned in real-time.

Even worse, the tools and platforms used to manage it are also siloed and monolithic, ranging from Legacy BI platforms to Discovery Tools to Excel. Another challenge is to enable users to act locally and still aggregate at the global stage.

A siloed approach leaves you with inconsistent data that’s been copied and moved across teams and technology platforms. Any insights you find are isolated, making it hard to analyze a complete business process or to share insights across different teams, departments, territories, users and tools.

But, there’s a revolutionary, next-generation solution to BI which makes silos obsolete: Networked BI by Birst.

It leverages the world’s most powerful cloud technology architecture – connecting data and data structures into a single view that works as a single network data fabric for your business.

No more silos.

Each deployment of BI is connected across uses, tools, departments, or across companies – allowing a variety of tools to analyze consistent, reusable metrics that can connect centralized and decentralized data and teams.

Now, analytics are always accessible, current, consistent and trusted by everyone.

Businesses no longer need to compromise between swift, self-service discovery tools and robust, legacy BI platforms. With fast, economical Networked BI, you get the best of both in a platform that works with your existing data and tools.

The beauty of Networked BI by Birst is that it allows you to work with data on your own terms, without sacrificing governance. And it’s up and running quickly with world-class scale on demand at a low total cost of ownership.

The world’s leading technology experts have named Networked BI by Birst as a smart, innovative leader in BI.

So why wait? Get all your data on the same page, with Networked BI.

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