Birst was included in a recent report from Gartner that shows the research firm has started to pay serious attention to the cloud BI market. The recommendations section of the report, “Who’s Who in Cloud Business Analytics”, written by Gartner analysts Joao Tapadinhas and Dan Sommer, encourages buyers to find out if cloud-based BI solutions are a better match for their business needs.

Cloud BI is still part of an emerging landscape, according to the report, but is expected to grow significantly in the next few years – representing 5 percent of the total BI market by 2016, and up to a quarter of net new purchases. Companies moving their data to the cloud will be a significant driver of that growth, and the report predicts that “data gravity — where the data sits — is an important indicator of when cloud BA will become mainstream.”

As the only enterprise-caliber BI platform born in the cloud, Birst is leading the movement to bring the flexibility and speed of cloud-based analytics to a growing customer base. We’re happy to see that our solutions are earning more recognition, and excited by the growing momentum behind cloud BI.