Last week, Cloudera issued a news release talking about the next version of its Hadoop powered platform, Cloudera Enterprise 5. As one of the partners within that ecosystem, Birst is excited announce that we are now certified on Cloudera’s Distribution Including Apache Hadoop Version 5 (CDH5) and are quite excited about what that certification means to our customers too.

What does this mean to our customers? The Birst integration with Cloudera is quite powerful. Together we can give organizations the ability to run their own custom MapReduce jobs to generate data sets that can be directly queried from Birst reports and dashboards via the Impala interface or loaded into Birst for further transformation and analysis via the Impala and Hive interfaces. Being part of this certification program means that Birst has been tested and validated to comply with the Cloudera development guidelines for integration so that customers using Apache Hadoop can now leverage the industry’s leading business analytics without having to worry about any issues around the integrations.

CDH is the world’s most widely deployed distribution of Apache Hadoop, both in commercial and non-commercial environments. In fact, a significant number of the Fortune 50 organizations run on Cloudera. With tens of thousands of nodes in production, Cloudera has established itself as the category leader and is setting the standard for Apache Hadoop in the enterprise. CDH5 is a 100-percent open source distribution that combines Apache Hadoop with other open source applications within the Hadoop stack to deliver advanced, enterprise-grade features. So if you are an organization that is trying to navigate the waters of how to best leverage analytics, our certification with Cloudera makes it easier for you to succeed in that effort.

The Cloudera Certified Technology program, which Birst joined about eighteen months ago, makes it simpler for Apache Hadoop technology buyers to purchase the right cluster components and software applications to extract the most value from their data. It’s no secret that managing mountains of data is getting increasingly difficult and that this challenge is being faced in almost every vertical market today. Large enterprises adopt the Apache Hadoop platform to bring together and store all of those different kinds of data. More importantly, customers want to marry that with other technologies to be able to work with it and gain insights from it without any roadblocks. Clusters that leverage CDH5 alongside Birst operate with reduced risk and have a lower total cost of ownership.

Birst has long been dedicated to its customers success and by being tested and validated to use supported APIs and to comply with Cloudera’s development guidelines for integration with Apache Hadoop, we are reaffirming that commitment to a community of users that turn to Birst’s leading cloud BI solution for advanced analytic success.

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