For those of you that may not have seen this yet, the Chief Marketing Technologist Blog (penned by Scott Brinker) posted its annual marketing technology landscape super graphic for 2015. I was happy to see this graphic again this year because it was rumored that last year’s iteration would be his last. This week, we were reminded (once again) about the growth of the technology industry and about the impressive technologies that exist throughout.


This impressive boom in technology choices also reminds us that consumers (and potential customers of each vendor on this list) have a bigger job than ever when trying to evaluate which technology to include within their organization. This year’s graphic doubled from last year’s nearly 950 companies to a staggering 1876 companies! When you are able to take a look, please do and feel free to comment with any thoughts you may have about those included, their location or even about the companies that maybe haven’t made it on to this grid but should have. Scott mentions in his post that this grid isn’t comprehensive but I do think that there are a lot of great companies with impressive technologies within each category.