Gartner_speakersBusiness users are increasingly adopting self-service BI tools that enable them to work with data on their own, reducing and in some cases eliminating their dependence on a centralized IT function. Unfortunately, the proliferation of these tools within an organization can introduce governance problems, resulting in a greater risk of analytical silos and reporting chaos. IT leaders are being challenged by decentralized business teams to deliver speed, autonomy and ease of use, but they have struggled to meet these demands without compromising security, consistency and trust in the data.

In a new webcast, Cindi Howson, Research VP at Gartner, Inc., a leading IT research and advisory firm; Geoff Odell, former VP of Global Operations at Novartis, a leading multi-national pharmaceutical company; and Pedro Arellano, Sr. Director of Product Strategy at Birst, share their perspectives on organizational and technology strategies that help centralized and decentralized teams work together.

Watch this webcast today and learn about:

  • Industry research on self-service BI initiatives and how a lack of governance can adversely impact the business
  • How a large, multinational company can implement strategies to deliver end-user agility while maintaining governance
  • How Birst’s Cloud BI platform supports a 2-tier approach to BI and analytics

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