The benefits of cloud applications are well established and we’ve now witnessed a whole new generation of SaaS applications emerge—, NetSuite, Workday, Marketo, Servicenow, to name just a few. These vendors are now eclipsing the old guard of the on-premise world. Business Intelligence is a natural fit for the Cloud and a host of vendors, including Birst, have been delivering innovative Cloud BI and analytics solutions over the last half decade. But just like for on-premise applications where robust BI offerings trailed the emergence of Siebel, SAP, and Oracle, so, too, is the same now occurring in the Cloud. Cloud BI implementations are growing rapidly and for the first time, Cloud vendors were included in this year’s Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Magic Quadrant.

Long hyped as a better way to do BI and with numerous Cloud deployments now out there, these assumptions are now being put to the test. This summer Dimensional Research ran a global survey of over 400 BI professionals, who had experience selecting, implementing and using BI software to compare their experiences and outcomes across cloud-based and on-premise solutions. And what did they find? Some pretty clear results. Among the most telling was that more than half surveyed indicated they would choose a cloud BI solution for a new environment today compared to only 14% who would opt for an on-premise one.

And the results favoring cloud business intelligence over the traditional on-premise solutions (including the open source on-premise tools) don’t stop here.

Overall, cloud BI is preferred with significantly higher satisfaction rates (80% vs 51%):


Cloud BI is considered easier and less expensive to implement &#8212 83% stated cloud BI is faster to implement:


Cloud BI is considered better for end-users and administrators with more than half responding that cloud solutions are easier to us and overwhelmingly stating that Cloud BI requires few administrators:


Finally, among the most telling finding (and I don’t have a graphic for this): more than half responded that cloud BI solutions have a greater percentage of employees who access them regularly, compared to only 18% for on-premise.

Want to find out more how Cloud BI and traditional on-premise BI stack up? Read the just released report or join Dimensional Research and Birst for a webinar on October 3, 2013 at 10:00 am PT/1:00 pm ET entitled “Cloud BI – Over-Hyped or Underappreciated?”

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