In The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise BI Platforms With Majority Cloud Deployments, Q3 2017, Forrester Principal Analysts Boris Evelson and Martha Bennett noted that, “The winners in the digital economy will be those that are able to gain insights the fastest and take appropriate action. To do so, companies need a solid data and analytics foundation, and cloud-based BI platforms are an essential part of this foundation.” In fact, among those organizations that Forrester surveyed in 2017, 45% said that they had “either already moved some or all of their BI capabilities to the cloud or were planning to do so.”

Check out the complete Forrester Enterprise Cloud BI Wave report here.

We believe this year’s Forrester Wave recognizes the industry’s shift toward cloud-based BI. Today’s businesses can no longer afford the long deployment times and costly investments required by traditional on-premises solutions. Companies are gravitating to modern cloud-based BI platforms, such as Birst, that deliver next-generation capabilities with faster time-to-value and a lower cost of ownership.

As such, Forrester indicated that its Enterprise BI Platforms With Majority Cloud Deployments Wave was designed to “assess only differentiated BI platform features.” According to the report, “Forrester now sees BI platform features such as querying and reporting, data visualization, descriptive analytics, end user self-service, scalability, administration, database connectivity, and many others as table stakes and no longer uses them as evaluation criteria.”

Instead, the report said, Forrester focused the Q3 2017 Cloud BI Wave report on “what we find are the current BI platform differentiators.” These included “actionable and suggestive BI,” “advanced analytics,” “connectors to business applications,” “data catalog and data governance features,” and “data preparation and profiling,” among others.

At Birst, we think our pioneering Networked BI platform delivers great examples of these modern capabilities, such as our patented Automated Data Refinement (ADR) technology, Smart Data Preparation, and One-Click Smart Visualizations. And leading companies around the world, in a variety of industries, are achieving tremendous success with Birst’s modern cloud BI platform by delivering extraordinary value to the business in far less time and with fewer resources.

But don’t take our word for it. Take a look at how Forrester evaluated Birst and other enterprise BI platforms in three primary categories, including “Current offering,” “Strategy,” and “Market presence.”

Birst received the second highest score in the “Current offering” category, which evaluates highly differentiated product features. Its scores were among the highest in eight of the criteria Forrester used to evaluate “Current offering,” including “Actionable and suggestive BI”; “Architecture”; “Cloud/hybrid architecture; “Cross-product integration”; “Data curation”; “Ease of use”; “Integration with other tools and applications”; and “Mobile.”

In the “Strategy” category, Birst received the highest scores possible in the criteria of “Focus on SaaS/cloud” and among the highest in the “R&D and IP creation” criterion. In the “Market presence” category, Birst received the highest score possible in the criteria of “Presence in all global regions.”

According to the Forrester report, “Birst provides a full BI stack with strong support for both governance and agility. Birst was developed from the ground up as an enterprise-grade BI platform in the cloud, but with support for hybrid models. With its “Networked BI” capability, it supports centralized governance while giving business units and individuals flexibility.

“Other distinguishing features,” the report said, “include a unique data warehouse automation feature (for which Birst has been awarded a broad technology patent) and its ability to integrate with other BI platforms.

“As customers also highlight, Birst’s mobile capabilities set it apart, with HTML5 and native app delivery, including off-line support.”

Commenting on Infor’s acquisition of Birst in H2 2017, the report noted that, “Infor’s wide sales and partner network is a benefit, as are its R&D resources that will speed up execution of Birst’s roadmap.”

As we continue to develop new innovations for our enterprise Cloud BI platform, our goal remains the same. We strive to help business users more quickly turn data from disparate systems into a shared analytical network that enables organizations to better align both centralized and edge teams to drive better and more consistent decisions. In so doing, the Birst Networked Analytics platform eliminates analytical and data silos, while enabling everyday business user to easily access and work with trusted data.

To experience how easy it is to use Birst and to connect to a new level of trusted insights, sign up for a free trial. With the Birst free trial, business users can access data with pre-set, smart analytic connectors, prepare data with instant feedback in a consumer-grade UX, relate data accurately with smart suggestions, visualize analytics, discover new insights and more.