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Four areas retailers must analyze to stay ahead of the competition

Have you used a digital product or service while shopping in the past year? The answer is almost certainly “yes” and each time you are online, your actions generate data – from research, online ordering or in-store pickup, coupons, mobile payments, voice commands and more. The question is, how do retailers make the best use of this data to stay ahead of the competition?

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How Are You Analyzing and Adjusting to the Mobile Shopper?

Every retailer is facing a similar challenge. If you are a retailer and constantly feel the pinch from online giants like Amazon and Google, you have an opportunity to gain back control and competitive advantage with more personalized products and services, building that intimate relationship that these giants simply cannot provide.

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What AI Means to a Retailer Dedicated to Customer Experience

Retailers are focused more than ever on quickly adjusting to changing customer preferences and demand. Specialty’s Café and Bakery is a great example of a retailer that is using data to drive decisions related to product development and selection, inventories, staffing, and more to attract and keep customers.

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Is Mobile Access Set to Revolutionize Business Intelligence?

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With all the hype around big data at the moment, one might easily ignore how mobile technology could lead to a huge change in the way people access and use business intelligence (BI). They may also miss its possibly profound impact on this marketplace.

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