If the future of IT is about empowering end users, then the future of BI is about arming business users to make smarter decisions. And that is exactly what Birst is committed to delivering —access to accurate, relevant and timely data insights that enable business leaders to be more informed, productive and successful.

In today’s data-driven era, success lies in an organization’s ability to analyze information and make decisions resulting from accurate data insights. But to successfully do so, organizations need solutions built with their evolving needs in mind — they need user-centric IT solutions.

Leaders embracing user-centric IT recognize that they must empower people to work smarter by providing tools that are dynamic, intuitive and responsive. Delivering technology that makes users faster, smarter and better means creating solutions architected around the individual.

In the BI industry, user-centric IT doesn’t leave room for siloed information and slow-moving traditional BI solutions. Analytics solutions need to evolve in pace with an organization’s applications, business processes and even the organization itself. But this is easier said than done and requires an agile, customer-centric solution. At Birst, we embrace the user-centric IT movement by providing a solution that enables both the consistency and freedom of analysis for end users, and also rapid development and richness of features that drive value.

End users’ requirements for insight changes over time because they need access to more data and ways to interact with that data for them to make the most effective decisions. Birst keeps pace with end users, enabling better and more effective decision-making that is done quickly and affordably. This difference enables end users to drive business value moving their companies forward.

Ultimately, today’s shift toward user-centric IT recognizes that end users are at the center of every business. IT solutions and products that embrace this movement will empower users to quickly solve the business problems that matter most to them. Specifically, the five core principles of user-centric IT include:

1. IT decisions should start with putting users at the center.
2. Technology must adapt to the way people work, not the other way around.
3. People, information and knowledge must connect in real time.
4. Mobility is a work-style, not a device.
5. Security should be inherent and transparent to the user experience.

We’re excited to join Skyhigh Networks, Box, Jive, Marketo, and other technology leaders and industry visionaries in the user-centric IT movement and together redefine what IT means today.