Survey Finds Tableau Users Want Access to More Data, Faster and with Greater Consistency

tableaubirstVisual analytics solutions, such as Tableau, have gained popularity with business users looking for the ability to analyze corporate data without support from IT experts. Yet, to strike a balance between end user self-service and data consistency, enterprise BI deployments need a platform that enables them to implement governance strategies. This benefits business users who can work with trusted data to make confident decisions, as well as IT teams who can extend the use of Tableau across the organization while avoiding data silos.

Market research firm Dimensional Research conducted a global survey of 123 professional involved in selecting, implementing or using Tableau. The survey found that most companies want to expand the use of Tableau more broadly across the enterprise, but are faced with challenges that an enterprise data management platform could address.

Among the most cited challenges the survey reveals:

  • Expanding the use of Tableau more broadly inside organizations (34%)
  • The amount of time it takes to prepare data for analysis (27%)
  • Ensuring greater consistency of metric definitions among users (25%)

Turbocharge Tableau with Birst

Ultimately, the survey results are evidence that companies can benefit from combining Tableau’s visual analytics with the trusted, highly scalable, analytic-ready data delivered by Birst. Two thirds of respondents stated that they would like to have access to more data to analyze. In fact, the majority of Tableau users stated they could benefit from having more data right at their fingertips. However, these users not only want easy access to more data, but also want that data to be consistent and governed.

In addition, the findings show:

  • 97 percent of Tableau users would find value in simplifying data preparation and,
  • 89 percent of users stated that they would benefit from working with trusted, analytic-ready today.

Birst enables companies to expand the benefits of Tableau to all users by bridging the gap between centralized BI teams supporting enterprise requirements and decentralized teams looking for greater autonomy. Birst’s Automated Data Refinement (ADR) technology helps companies spend more time analyzing data and less time preparing it, providing a unified view of the business without relying on data extracts that act as analytical silos. And Birst helps companies scale the use of Tableau throughout the organization with confidence, delivering transparent governance that reduces development and testing cycles and accelerates the promotion of insights to production.

“Seamless integration between Birst and Tableau allows us to create dynamic, interactive visualizations that are based on a single source of the truth so we can make the best business decisions with our data,” said Mark Spry, CEO, Pulse Mining. “Now we aren’t forced to choose between speed, ease-of-use and data governance. With Birst and Tableau working together, we can expand our user experience, while also accessing multiple enterprise data sources — maximizing the value of our BI and analytics.

To learn more about how Birst and Tableau work together, register for our upcoming webinar, “Turbocharge Tableau with Birst – Deliver Transparent Governance Across the Enterprise,” which is scheduled for 10 a.m., Pacific Time, Tuesday, Dec. 8.

Dimensional Research provides practical marketing research to help technology companies make smarter business decisions. A total of 123 individuals representing a variety of departments and job functions from companies of various sizes and verticals participated in this survey.