For the fourth year in a row, Birst has been ranked as the # 1 vendor in the Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence Market Study conducted by Dresner Advisory Services. The comprehensive study, comprising responses from business and IT professionals in a variety of industries and different size companies around the world, provides an insightful view into the factors driving the adoption of Cloud BI and indications about the future.

While there can be differing interpretations of the survey data, what is undeniable is that cloud computing is having a transformative effect upon the BI and analytics landscape. The signs are unmistakable. For instance, 61% of survey participants responded they already use some form of Cloud BI today (public, private or hybrid) or plan to use it in the near future.

The survey also shows that the primary barrier to adoption of Cloud BI continues to be concerns around security. But even these concerns are eroding, as 43% of survey participants indicated they use public Cloud BI today or have plans to use it in the future. This figure is up from 28% – a 54% increase – in only three years. It’s clear that the value offered by Cloud BI is increasingly overshadowing whatever risks companies may be wary of.

But perhaps the most revealing takeaway from the survey is that organizations that consider themselves successful at business intelligence are those most likely to use Cloud BI today. These are forward-looking companies that early on were able to recognize the benefits of Cloud BI and take advantage of them.

Cloud computing has become a very natural way of delivering and consuming software. It enables organizations to use software as a utility instead of as an asset. As more and more companies understand the business benefits available – faster time to value, reduced total cost of ownership, increased agility – the market will continue to steadily gravitate towards cloud-based solutions.

Birst’s Cloud BI and analytics platform is a multi-tenant, fully integrated SaaS solution that allows companies to implement a 2-tier analytics model, in which centralized BI teams supporting enterprise requirements can work collaboratively with user-led decentralized teams looking for greater agility.

We are thrilled to be recognized as the # 1 Cloud BI provider. We have amazing customers and we appreciate their support in reaffirming our leadership position in the space. We will continue to drive the conversation around Cloud BI with technology innovation, flawless execution, and customer success.

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