I am pleased to report that Dialogue Group have recently implemented our cloud-based business intelligence platform. Dialogue is a global application-to-person (A2P) messaging and mobile billing specialist. Birst is now used to provide in-depth analytics across each team’s key business data sources, as well as offering a management level dashboard that can bring all this information together for the company’s management decision-making and line of business teams.

Dialogue selected us to provide greater insight into the company’s data, which was stored across multiple applications. By bringing together information from sources such as Salesforce, and placing it alongside the company’s own mobile messaging applications, Dialogue’s management team can now spot new opportunities, enhance the customer experience and improve profitability. Our Champion partner, Alto Intelligence, using their agile business intelligence deployment methodology, supported the implementation.

Dave Colclough, Global Director of Operations at Dialogue helps me take up the story, “We started looking at BI to support our CEO’s vision for how we develop as a company. This included providing more detailed information to our line of business teams like finance and sales, as well as wrapping all this data up for the management team.”

“Birst came in and helped us to pull our data together in a way that makes it easy to understand, but also able to drill down into information when that is required too. We were able to have the full first phase of BI implementation complete in eight weeks, which was extremely rapid and testament to how quickly Birst and Alto Intelligence were able to roll out. We are looking forward to extending our use of BI in future,” he said.

Dialogue is now using Birst to provide dashboard and reports for the following use cases:

  • Management dashboard – to track profitability and messaging volumes world-wide; this includes support and service requirements as well
  • Operations dashboard – customer case data, including call volumes and service level
  • Finance dashboard – billing data and financial modeling
  • Sales dashboard – pipeline and anticipated volume of messaging; comparing actual to expected traffic

David Hall, Director at Alto Intelligence, had this to say, “Companies want to get their BI implementations up and running as fast as possible; they don’t want to spend months getting data warehouses set up in order to get information for decision-making. Birst’s automated approach to generating the data warehouse and ability to integrate across multiple systems is a great fit for our agile BI deployment strategies, which meant we could get phase one of this project completed extremely rapidly. The ability to be iterative around BI means that we can deliver more value for the customer, and Birst helps us deliver on that promise.”

I think we all realise that getting information to the people who need it the most can be a real challenge when it is spread across different applications. Data discovery tools really don’t provide the full picture either. They can’t provide the full range of user requirements that exist across an entire organisation. For companies like Dialogue, cloud BI can offer a platform that is fast to implement and can grow with them and their analytics needs.