Les Schwab Tire Centers, a retail tire company, was founded in 1952 and is the largest independently owned tire company in the Western United States, with more than 470 locations.  With its long history, the company has thousands of reports across multiple systems.

To create self-service and replace its existing sales reporting on an antiquated system, Les Schwab decided to use Birst as its first business intelligence solution.

The challenge was to get store management, whose focus was on serving customers, rather than analytics, to embrace the more modern solution.

Les Schwab Birst Forward

In an upcoming presentation at this month’s Birst FORWARD conference, Les Schwab’s Journey to High User Adoption, Melissa Shields, Technical Solutions Specialist at Les Schwab Tire Centers, will describe Les Schwab’s journey to gaining high user adoption while rolling out dashboards and reports in a new technology to more than 1,300 users who were, at times, reluctant to welcome change.

Melissa will present at Birst FORWARD 2017 on Tuesday, April 25 at 3 p.m.