Come to our upcoming user conference later this month, Birst FORWARD, to see presentations by two Birst customers: Waterford Research Institute and Latham Pool Products.

Birst FORWARD Latham WaterfordWaterford Research Institute is a non-profit education technology company that provides research-based learning curriculum to early learners in reading, math and science.

Mike Hight, Vice President of Products, will discuss Waterford’s dashboard design process, and how they are able to deliver actionable information. Mike will also detail how they matched dashboard levels and metrics to the target audience and finish with a post-mortem of the project, where they identified the most important lessons learned and tips “we wish we knew before we started.”

Latham Pool Products is the leading manufacturer of in-ground residential swimming pools and components in North America.

Baard Stana, Data Warehouse Architect at Latham Pools, will discuss how data visualization helped Latham Pool Products to improve its business processes by leveraging a series of Birst dashboards that allowed managers to: 1) compare team performance over time, 2) drill into requests that fall outside of the SLAs and thereby discover business processes, which need to be improved, 3) discover data quality issues and bugs in the order handling system, and 4) find bottlenecks in its order handling processes.

Waterford Research Institute and Latham Pool Products will present at Birst FORWARD 2017 on Wednesday, April 26 at 11 a.m.