Lately, I’ve realized that many people have their own definitions of the word “culture,” and I’ve seen the effects that their interpretations can have on teams of people working together. If you’re not all on the same page as to what your culture is and what you want it to be, how can you possibly achieve happiness and excellence in the workplace?

therese_salazarHere’s the realization we have come to at Birst: culture does not come in the form of an event. Culture is not a happy hour, it’s not a company-provided lunch, and it sure isn’t a team bus trip to Napa. Work culture should be regarded as creating a sustainable environment in which people feel excited, happy, and empowered in the workplace. But is a Pimm’s Cup with your coworkers really a foundation upon which your company culture should stand? The answer is absolutely not.

The culture and definition that we have created at Birst is in a league all its own: Our culture is derived from our shared passion and commitment to each other and our mission. We have many commitments to each other at Birst, both departmentally and holistically. Arguably, the most important is our commitment to a culture of excellence. Our commitment to excellence in everything we do binds us together and enables us to create and share in a culture that is uniquely ours. A culture of people who win.

My colleagues at Birst are some of the most inspiring, dedicated and intelligent people whom I know; and whom I am likely to ever meet. That’s why I chose to work here. I walk in every day ready to push my limits, just so I can keep up with the incredible people here. Everyone is constantly striving for success, and I mean everyone. In every corner, and every department, everyone here wants to be the best and, frankly, we don’t settle for anything less.

Now you might be thinking, that’s great Therese, but I’ve seen you with your coworkers plenty of times, Pimm’s Cup in hand. And you’re not wrong! These outings together are products of the work culture we have created here. We celebrate our wins, we take off together after long days at the office, and after bad days, or losses, we reflect together. The point is that we’ve created a foundation upon which we can have these outings.  They further reinforce our culture and bring us closer together.  

I’ll tell you something, bringing “the fire” every day is not easy, and it isn’t for everyone. But here at Birst, excellence is the standard.