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Pedro ArellanoThe business intelligence and analytics industry has justifiably earned a reputation as “the land of broken promises.” Over the past two decades, vendors have made grandiose claims about empowering business people to work with data on their own. “Analytics for everyone,” or variations of this phrase, have accompanied announcements of products designed – in theory – to enable someone without an extensive analytics background to discover insights from their data without support from skilled experts.

To be fair, in the last few years, we’ve seen exciting innovations in the fields of data visualization and data preparation. But, while these products have simplified the process of analyzing data, they have done so mainly for people who already had an understanding of fundamental analytics concepts (i.e., data analysts, data scientists) such as tables, columns, joins, keys, and relationships. Unfortunately, these are typically foreign concepts to the people inside organizations who are actually making business decisions.

Making matters worse, these tools have led to what’s known as “data discovery sprawl,” which is the result of countless data extracts proliferating throughout organizations. These data extracts – or dumps of data – act as disconnected silos of information and lead to poor governance and conflicting data, undermining the decision-making process.

But there’s hope. Modern technology capabilities that have gained mainstream adoption in recent years – cloud computing, multi-tenancy, and data virtualization, to name a few – combined with emerging innovations in the area of machine learning – are making it possible to put analytics in the hands of actual decision-makers.

We are entering a new era in the analytics industry in which we’ll be able to harness these capabilities to finally empower decision-makers. How? By connecting people through trusted analytics. By connecting the efforts of different teams within organizations through “analytic threads,” networked together in the cloud, for real-time, trusted insights to make smarter decisions.

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