This morning, Birst made an exciting announcement. As Birst continues to grow, it has been my goal to build the best management team in the Business Intelligence and Analytics sector. To that end, I’m delighted to announce that today Birst appointed a new CEO, Jay Larson. Opportunities to recruit someone of Jay’s caliber into an organization are few and far between, so today’s announcement marks quite a milestone for me and for Birst. With Jay’s addition to our already stellar management team, we are turning on the afterburners. The combination of product, go-to-market strategy and delivery talent at Birst gives our company an unrivaled combination of vision and execution.

If you have been following Birst, you understand the aggressive market we are in and you are also familiar with our tenacity to push the envelope within it. We have experienced tremendous growth over the past years, none more impressive than our last year, and we believe that directly correlates to having the best BI minds in the business. We have been tirelessly innovating and successfully working toward solving the business intelligence problems that are keeping today’s organizations awake at night. As Jay takes over the role of CEO, I will now take on the roles of Chairman and Chief Product Officer (CPO), in which I will partner with Jay to lead our organization towards product development, innovation and success. Together with Jay, I will make sure that our tenacity doesn’t waver. Jay and I are excited to continue pushing the envelope, further accelerating Birst’s momentum and success in the market.

I have long differed from others who have attempted to enter into this market in that I believe business is rich and complex, and as a result, business analytics is a rich and complex arena. Building a great, next-generation business analytics company is more than just a marketing challenge, it is a technical challenge that requires great and innovative products that tackle real problems. We do not seek to convince our customers that they have simple businesses so that we can build a simple product. Instead, we look to honestly confront the richness of business with a rich solution that matches.

My view has always been that a “pretty” wrong answer is still a wrong answer. Moreover, getting the right answer with the right information to the right people at the right time is what is important. That is technically very hard, especially in the cloud, and as a result, innovative product creation is at the core of what we do. By bringing Jay into the organization, I will be able to spend more time focusing on what we as a company and I personally am dedicated to: building amazing products that extend our leadership in the BI market. With Jay on board, I will be able to push harder to extend our vision of creating truly data-driven organizations while Birst can leverage world-class leadership that will further strengthen our operational and go-to-market strategies.

I am taking on the role that I’m most passionate about. I’ll lead our product organization to ensure we continue to lead the cloud BI market, augmenting our already noteworthy innovations in the rapidly evolving market landscape. When the company was smaller, I was able to be much more actively involved in our product innovations and customer deployments. As the company scaled, I’ve had to focus more of my time on the operations of the company. In my new role, I’ll be able to focus more on the critical problems of this industry by blending my deep background in solving real-world business analytics problems with the latest technology to push the boundaries of what is possible. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that demands the greatest effort possible, and I am now in a much better position to guarantee that Birst is pushing the hardest and thinking its fastest.

Here’s to all that is ahead and to Birst’s continued success!