If you’re like most analysts, you have a natural love for creating startling graphs to convey the story of your data: data that you already know and are intimate with. On the other hand, if you are business user – a marketer, sales manager or company executive – you don’t have the analytic skills or familiarity with how data is naturally shaped, but you still need visualizations to monitor your products, processes and operations and to grow your business.

Given the vast differences in styles, skills and needs of different users, would you give a business user the same analytic tools as the analyst?

Surprisingly a lot of companies do. The results: low adoption rates by the broader organizations and business user’s dependency on the analyst / data artist community for discovering insights.

To broaden the reach of enterprise data to all users, you need to think consumer first, product second. It is easy to jam loads of features and functions into one product that meets the needs of all users regardless of their individual experience, but that is where you lose your “target audience”.

BI is no different. Users consume data when is presented to them in a form-factor best suited to their needs. Some examples include:

  • An executive looking at real time updates on key business metrics to run daily operations
  • A manager requiring simple data exploration to assess product or campaign performance
  • A data scientist using predictive modeling to analyze financial forecast changes

This variety of analytic styles is changing the game for BI. A one size fits all model no longer applies. A new era of BI has been evolving. An era where there is an analytic tool for you regardless of your role, responsibilities and analytic skills.

At Birst we are advancing our platform with Birst Visualizer – a visual discovery tool – to further the acceleration of this new era. We have BI users who are HR managers. We also have users who are financial number crunchers in large brokerage firms. They all turn to Birst to gain insights. Do we give them a single interface for consuming information? Instead we offer visual discovery, ad hoc analysis, enterprise reporting, dashboards and even predictive modeling – providing the appropriate tool for the specific individual. And just as importantly, we offer everything in a single platform, integrated with a uniform business layer that ensures information accuracy and consistency among all users. This eliminates the silos of data that results in inconsistent results, something common among data discovery solutions.