Over the past several months, I’ve spent quite a bit of time talking to people about the steps you should follow to create a great analytics product. I’m not talking about all of the technical aspects of implementation — I’m referring to the “non-technical” part of the project. All of those little things that will make or break the success of an embedded data product. Things like:

  • Creating feature tiers
  • Pricing
  • Readiness
  • Creating a launch plan
  • Supporting the product post-launch

I’d like to say all of this knowledge came to me in a moment of Zen-like clarity, but it didn’t. It came through experience launching many data products as a product owner — like you — and making a myriad of mistakes along the way. At least I knew enough to take notes, to write down all the missteps, and eventually to come up with techniques to avoid falling into the same traps again. A few years ago, I started sharing this information with others, speaking extensively about the process for creating an engaging analytics product.

I’ve done webinars, blog posts, and presentations all focused on avoiding the mistakes that one can easily make during product creation. But there’s a problem: each of these session has been time-limited to about 60 minutes in length. How can you possibly tell someone all there is to know about creating a data product in only one hour?

You can’t. You have to cull, edit, and just plain skip over many key steps simply due to time constraints.

And this has really bothered me.

Our goal within the embedded, Powered by Birst team has always been extremely focused: to help customers build new revenue streams by developing great data products that drive new users and keep existing users engaged. In order to do this, we need to load our customers up with as much information as possible about the product creation process. We need them to be experts in the go-to-market methodology so that they never have to answer the question that plagues so many non-Birst projects: “why aren’t my analytics driving any revenue?”

So today I’m really excited to announce the availability of our new e-book, “BEYOND THE TECHNICAL: The complete guide to designing, pricing, & launching embedded analytic products.” We wrote this guide specifically to cover all of the material that just didn’t fit into those one-hour webinars. In the e-book, you’ll find topics such as:

  • Aligning the team
  • Building your elevator pitch
  • Conducting a product workshop
  • Building personas
  • Linking personas, missions, pain points & analytics
  • Developing an analytics workflow
  • Creating product functionality tiers
  • Pricing the data product
  • Readiness
  • Support systems
  • and launch planning.

You may be getting the sense that this isn’t like other e-books you might have seen — thinly veiled commercials designed to entice you to buy now and buy more — and that’s because it’s not. It’s a nearly 70-page guide designed to help you, the product owner, create the most engaging analytics product imaginable. Because ultimately, if you’re successful, we’ll be successful too.

So please download our new e-book, follow the steps we outline, and build a great data product. Let us know how it goes and of course, reach out if you need help.

Let’s build a product together, Powered by Birst.