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What if you could unlock the collective
intelligence of your people and your data?

Birst 6 connects every department across your organization
through a network of analytics in the cloud, for trusted insights and
smarter, data-driven, business decisions.

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Go from raw data to trusted business analytics
with Birst Connected Data Prep

Birst’s Connected Data Prep lets you access and prepare data with a user-friendly, visual experience that eliminates the need for complicated scripting. In addition, Connected Data Prep allows you to network your analytics with data from colleagues, other departments, or IT organization, enriching your insights for smarter, more trusted decisions.

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Access data anywhere with
Birst’s smart connectors:
  • One-click connectivity for any skill – no IT support required.
  • Modern RESTful connectors: fast, reliable and reusable.
  • Files, spreadsheets, cloud applications, databases and more.
  • Eliminate burdensome data feeds.
Cleanse, merge and refine
data in real-time:
  • Visual data prep, with instant preview, accelerates time to insights.
  • Drag and drop data transformations without the need for scripting.
  • Data and transformation lineage gives clarity into where analysis comes from.
  • In-memory engine for more efficient publishing.
Extend your insights with other
data in the network of analytics:
  • Auto-generated semantic layer delivers transparent data governance at business speed.
  • Personal sandboxes, group spaces, departmental analytics all enabled for networking.
  • Intelligent join recommendations for faster, deeper, data insights.
  • View sources and relationships between data and spaces.

Unlock your company’s collective intelligence
with Birst’s Network of Analytics

Birst’s network of analytics connects your people and their insights to make your business smarter. With Birst’s network of analytics, you avoid disconnected silos of data that lead to inconsistent and unreliable insights. This ensures you can trust what your data means and where it comes from, so you can make business decisions with confidence.

Birst’s network of analytics
enables your organizations to:
  • Deliver a single view of data trusted by all users.
  • Ensure 100% alignment across your enterprise.
  • Blend centralized and decentralized data.
  • Empower people to collaborate around data.
  • Achieve a lower total cost of ownership.
  • Drive higher adoption with lower risk.

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Birst’s Machine Learning Automation injects
advanced intelligence into your business

Machine learning automates the analytics process to the fewest manual steps. With Birst’s Machine Learning Automation, you can extend the benefits of advanced analytics to a broader audience, empowering you with the ability to predict outcomes so you never miss business opportunities.

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Birst’s Machine Learning Automation delivers faster time to insight with less human intervention:
  • One-click prediction capabilities for your business.
  • Intelligent defaults for application connectors.
  • Usage-pattern discovery of data sources.
  • Smart profiling for join recommendations.
  • Achieve a lower total cost of ownership.
  • Automated relationship recommendations across the network of analytics.
Stay tuned for more exciting announcements about Birst’s Machine Learning Automation coming in 2017.

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Grow fearlessly with Birst’s
enterprise-class cloud BI architecture

Delivering analytics across today’s enterprises requires supporting the largest data volumes and user communities. Birst’s cloud-scale architecture delivers world-class performance on top of a modern, multi-tenant platform that, unlike traditional business intelligence solutions, has no single bottleneck to hinder performance.

Cloud-scale enhancements to support enterprise-class requirements:
  • Faster response times for queries, data visualizations and dashboards.
  • Improved data load and processing speed.
  • Leverage Big Data parallel processing for data refinement and transformations.
  • Data and transformation lineage across Birst’s analytics network.
  • Improved productivity and collaboration between BI teams.
  • Graphical metadata migration of spaces.

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