Watch Birst product, customer and tutorial videos

Why Birst

See what makes us not only different but, dare we say, more intelligent than the data discovery light weights and more agile than the legacy BI behemoths.

Birst 5-Minute Demonstration

See how the Birst end-to-end BI platform turns raw data into actionable insights in the 5-minute demonstration of Enterprise-caliber cloud BI.

Birst Embedded BI

Birst embedded business intelligence takes a comprehensive approach to delivering business value to customers. Learn about the 5 pillars of Birst's embedded BI strategy.


Hear how the successful partnership between Birst and Citrix leverages advanced supply chain analytics for business results. Discover why Citrix chose the Birst, and how that choice has led to optimization of their entire worldwide supply chain.

Interactive Dashboards

Discover the self-service capabilities of Birst's Interactive Dashboards. See how data exploration, KPI tracking and data source integration empower business users to access critical business insights without relying on IT.


Hiperos' Doug Udoff and Brian Colditz discuss how Birst has help their customers think fast by embedding Birst. Birst is the only enterprise-caliber Business Intelligence platform born in the cloud.

Advanced Analytics for NetSuite: Recurring Revenue

See Birst Advanced Analytics for NetSuite in action in this demonstration of recurring revenue analytics.

Birst Visualizer

Discover the data analysis capabilities of Birst Visualizer. Watch how easy is is to visualize data and create reports for distribution. 


Hear how DiamondStream was able to monetize a large data set with analytics and marketing products built on Birst. Find out why Birst lets businesses focus on their core value proposition while leveraging business analytics.

Sales Force Analytics

Discover what you can do with advanced sales force analytics with Birst. Find out how actionable insights that drive top-line growth can be derived from powerful dashboards and reports.

DiamondStream - Marketing

Hear how DiamondStream uses Birst to deploy dashboards to their diverse customers. Discover how embedding Birst business intelligence adds outstanding value in a variety of contexts for a different types businesses.

Mobile BI

Discover how Birst Mobile for the iPad provides an intuitive interface for discovering trends and insights in your business data. See how Birst Mobile leverages the iPad's native functionality to allow business users run complex queries on their data with simple gestures.

Rodan & Fields

Hear how Rodan & Fields gets quick access to KPIs in an agile fashion - all in Birst. Learn why Birst has helped Rodan & Fields become a data driven direct selling business with deep insight into important facets of their business.

Advanced Data Warehouse Automation

Discover why advanced data warehouse automation makes business intelligence implementation and maintenance easier. Find out how automated scripting, data relationships and star schema generation help quickly deliver actionable and dependable business insights. - Finance

Listen as Ramesh describes the value derives from having a single source of the truth. Find out how Birst consolidates reporting and fosters business alignment without imposing heavy requirements on IT.

Discovery the many reasons why chose Birst to solve their business analytics needs. Learn how a holistic approach to data warehousing and analytics gives the metrics they need to be a more successful company.

Hard Dollar

Hard Dollar's Tim Moore discusses how Birst has helped his organization think fast. Birst is the only enterprise-caliber Business Intelligence platform born in the cloud.


Discover how Intermec leverages the ease-of-use and agility of Birst to give real time feedback to their partners.

United Allergy Services

United Allergy Services' Scott Gabriel and Bryan Wogrin discuss how Birst has helped their organization think fast. Birst helped United Allergy Services move to an automated reporting reality from a excel based export strategy.

Samaritan Ministries

Hear how small companies with limited resources can obtain comprehensive business analytics with Birst. Samaritan Ministries is making the most of Birst's advanced visualizations with limited IT resources.