Achieve sales excellence with holistic sales analytics

Insight across all sales concerns from pipeline to team health to hiring

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Crush your number with Birst for sales analytics. Go beyond basic pipeline analytics and get a complete view of your sales organization with analytics on data from multiple sources. Birst delivers insights that uncover systemic issues by highlights issues across sales disciplines including training, lead scoring, hiring, etc... Leverage some of the deepest and most advanced capabilities including historical trending and predictive pattern analysis. Birst provides best practice sales analytics that combines data from multiple sources to truly uncover the insight needed to drive sales excellence.

With Birst, You Can

  • Manage sales pipelines by gaining insight into true causes of bottlenecks, including stage history and aging
  • Improve close rates by comparing historical performance across leads, pipeline and orders, to turn more prospects into customers
  • Drive average deal size by using predictive models to target high-revenue markets and prospects
  • Empower each sales rep with sales analytics to understand how to best track and improve their own performance

Only Birst Provides You With

  • Support for all major CRM applications, including, Siebel (Oracle), Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, NetSuite, Zoho, and SugarCRM
  • Cross-source analysis with data from CRMs, Marketing Automation, ERP, spreadsheets, and other data sources
  • Predictive modeling across markets, leads, opportunities and other key stages
  • Enterprise-grade sales analytics coupled with consumer-grade ease-of-use, delivered in a fraction of the time required by other solutions