Leverage any data source in the Cloud or on-premise

Pre-built connectors for rapid data extraction and loading

Birst provides data extraction and connectivity options for a wide variety of databases, flat and structured files, as well as popular cloud and on-premises applications. Query your on-premises data sources in real-time with Birst Live Access, directly from the Birst Business Model (semantic layer)—without the need to extract it to the Cloud.


    Birst supports scheduled data extraction from all major relational database management systems, including Oracle, DB2, SQLServer, MySQL, Sybase, and PostgreSQL and any JDBC compliant data source. Data extraction of entire database tables as well as custom SQL select statements is possible. These capabilities extend to modern analytics databases like Vertica, HANA, and Amazon Redshift.

  • Big Data Sources

    Through Birst’s Automated Cloud Analytics Engine and User-Ready Data Store, Birst allows you to combine Big Data with operational data to gain insight into the impact of Big Data activities on operational metrics. Birst offers connectors for Impala, Hadoop Hive, and Cassandra.

  • SAP

    Connect directly to SAP HANA or automatically build a Birst data warehouse in HANA. Connect to SAP ERP (R/3 or ECC 6) via BAPI calls or the execution of Open SQL SAP Queries. Birst also supports a data extraction connector for SAP Business Warehouse (BW) Data Source Objects (DSO).

  • OLAP Cube

    Enable your organization to leverage its investment in Microsoft Analysis Services (SSAS) and Hyperion Essbase cubes and other OLAP sources that accept XMLA calls. Birst connects to SSAS and Essbase instances by issuing MDX, automatically generates the required metadata and queries existing cubes securely in real-time, behind your firewall.

  • Salesforce.com

    Utilize Birst’s pre-built connector leveraging Web Services API of Salesforce.com to extract standard and custom data objects as well as issue custom SOQL queries for data extraction. Speed your deployment with our sales analytics solution accelerator which includes a pre-built dimensional model and report content for sales and pipeline analytics.

  • NetSuite

    Utilize Birst’s pre-built connector leveraging JDBC connector of NetSuite to extract standard and custom data objects or specific columns for customized analytics. Speed your deployment with our Operational Analytics Solution Accelerator which includes a pre-built dimensional model, KPIs, and reports for bookings, billings, and backlog analytics.

  • Marketo, Google Analytics, Eloqua

    Utilize Birst pre-built connectors leveraging the Web Services API of Marketo, Eloqua, and Google Analytics to extract data objects or specific columns for customized analysis. Speed time to deployment with pre-built Marketing solution accelerator that combines data from Salesforce.com, Google Analytics, and Marketo and provides dimensional model, KPIs, and reports for a complete view of the marketing journey.

  • Other Applications

    Through Birst Connector Framework, Birst or a Birst Partner can provide a connector to any on-premises or cloud application via available web services. Birst can also accept extracts from applications flat file formats, including csv, txt and others.

            Live Access connectors

            • Google Analytics
            • SAP BW InfoCubes
            • MS Analysis Service Cubes
            • Hyperion Essbase Cubes
            • MS SQL Server
            • Oracle
            • DB2
            • MySQL
            • InfoBright
            • ParAccel
            • Vertica
            • Teradata
            • Sybase IQ
            • Hive/Hadoop
            • Generic JDBC
            • Amazon Redshift
            • SAP HANA
            • SAP HANA ONE