Make Big Data insights a part of daily decisions

Turnkey Big Data infrastructure for business analysts

Combine large volumes of unstructured data with disparate sources of structured data to visualize data in its full context. Use Birst’s Automated Cloud Analytics Engine and User-Ready Data Store to transform complex data sets into intuitive visualizations, reports and dashboards – so non-technical end-users can leverage insights in their daily work lives.

Integrate big data with your operational data

Birst enables users to mash up data from any source, including social media, web clickstreams and large data warehouses, to create a 360 degree view of your business. Birst supports leading big data sources including Hadoop, Cassandra, Impala, Redshift, Infobright, SAP HANA, Vertica and more.

Comprehensive Big Data Analytics

Visualize complex data sets without depending on IT

Birst automates the process of transforming large volumes of complex and disparate data into a single user-ready data store and business model. This empowers business users and analysts to easily visualize, analyze and report on data across multiple sources without depending on IT.

Visualize Big Data Sets

Expedite deployments and change requests

Birst’s multi-tenanted cloud platform and programmatic development cycles enable rapid analytics iteration cycles. With just a click of the mouse, users go from development to test to production within minutes. Birst also provides a logical business layer that enables end-users to bring additional perspectives to their analysis without having to develop new or change existing data manipulation logic.

Big Data Technologies - Cloud Platform

Amplify analytics with Redshift

Birst has partnered with Amazon Redshift to provide the fastest and most inexpensive way to realize the benefits of big data in the Cloud. Whether you need to access and analyze data in an existing Redshift warehouse or deploy a single, fully managed cloud BI and data warehousing service, Birst provides both—choose the best fit for your business.

Expanding Big Data Analytics - Birst & Amazon Redshift