Satisfy all your BI needs in a single business intelligence platform

Fully Integrated ETL, Automated Data Warehousing, ROLAP, interactive visualizations, and more

Birst provides a fully integrated enterprise-caliber Business Intelligence platform, designed for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Cloud delivery and on-premise deployment as a software appliance. Our platform combines all the essential components to develop, deploy and maintain enterprise-caliber reporting, dashboarding, visualization and data discovery solutions. All components share a single unified logical layer of metadata and consistent end user experience.

Data extraction, transformation and loading

Leverage integrated ETL capabilities, including pre-built connectors to both on-premise and cloud data sources. Birst provides automated scripting for standard needs and a Visual Basic like scripting language for complex scripts. Since Birst is a single code base, all ETL scripting is developed, tested, and enabled in production from a single web browser, without any work in a different application.

Automated multi-dimensional data warehouse

Birst automatically creates and maintains a Kimball-style star schema data warehouse. In addition, Birst's business intelligence platform supports Type 1 and 2 slowly changing dimensions, conformed dimensions, and manages snapshots automatically. Data loading and updates are through incremental process with built-in change detection.

Automated  Multi-Dimensional Data Warehouse

Managed data mashups

Enable business users to personally augment corporate data residing in their data warehouse with their local data. Create individual analytic sandboxes without requiring data movement or replication. IT is not required to provide individual data feeds to departments or individuals, or build data marts, yet can still ensure data integrity, security, and governance of the master data.

Personal Data Sandboxes- Self-Service Business Intelligence

Relational OLAP

Birst constructs a virtual logical cube of all data to which it is mapped. Birst’s ROLAP engine joins across heterogeneous sources and supports advanced concepts like positional references, cell-based calculations and differentiation between slicers and filters. Use the power of the logical layer, to join data from Birst’s Automated Warehouse with data queried in real-time from another source, cloud or on-premise.

Scalable ROLAP Engine

Dashboards, data discovery and pixel-perfect reports

Birst supports all major styles of business intelligence—from interactive self-service dashboards to visual discovery to pixel-perfect reports. Birst combines ad hoc analysis of data and banded report writing into a single user interface. Any report built in the Birst business intelligence platform can be exposed in a dashboard, accessed via Birst’s native iPad application or scheduled for delivery by email.

Business Intelligence Platforms & Dashboards