Explore and visualize data using shapes and colors

Visual data discovery, guidance and recommendations

Empower business users with visual data discovery. With guided interactions, search and recommendations, Birst provides front-line managers, field sales and less analytic-savvy users a path to explore enterprise data without hesitation. Unlike other data discovery products where isolated desktop tools result in silos of analytics, exacerbating different answers to the same question, Birst taps into a unified business layer  to ensure data from different sources are synthesized into a single agreed upon definition of business metrics. This ensures analytics from different departments rapidly arrive at the same accurate answers.

Interactive and broad visualizations

Birst provides a variety of interactive charts and a drag and drop canvas, enabling users to move from one type of visualization to the other in seconds. This interactive visual analytics experience uncovers patterns and relationships in data quickly and easily. 

Guided visual discovery

Increasing agility and ease of use for business users, Birst offers consumer design paradigms such as Google-like search and Amazon-like recommendations. The guided experience improves speed of discovery by plotting charts instantly, searching while you type and auto-suggesting proper visualization types based on data combinations.

Guided Visual Analytics

Self-service on enterprise business data

Birst is visual data discovery built on top of a unified business layer to ensure enterprise-wide information sharing and consistency among all users, including those who use Birst ad hoc reporting, analysis, dashboards, pixel-perfect reporting and administration capabilities.

Self-Service for Data Discovery