Access critical business information on-the-go with mobile BI

Interactive dashboards and reports for the iPad

Birst Mobile uses native mobile BI functionality to flick through charts and tables, filter to information of interest, and drill into reports for more detail. Easy to use prompts make filtering of results on a dashboard page a breeze. Birst's mobile business intelligence solution automatically passes selections to the destination page when going from one dashboard page to another. Content can be viewed in real-time or offline.

Explore information with touch and gestures

Take advantage of the iPad’s intuitive touch-screen interface to explore and analyze business information anytime you need it. Touch the chart element or table cell of interest, swipe down to scroll through rows in a report table, swipe left and right to move from one report to the next. Tap to drill down and across charts for more detail.

Birst Mobile BI for iPad app developers

For software vendors looking to add mobile BI capabilities to their own native iPad applications, Birst provides a SDK for integrating analytics and interactive dashboards. The Birst Mobile SDK provides an API that enables iOS developers to focus on building mobile business intelligence into their applications. By writing to the Birst Mobile API, iOS developers can ignore the complicated data integration, quality, and consolidation issues that underpin BI implementations.

Mobile BI Tools - Software Development Kit (SDK)