Match Birst‘s capabilities to your BI needs

A seamless upgrade path from data discovery to enterprise analytics

Birst Discovery Edition

Birst Discovery Edition empowers business users and analysts to intuitively explore data in seconds. With access to any data source, Birst Discovery is ideal for projects where visual discovery, ad hoc analysis, dashboards or mobile analytics are important. If your data comes from only one or a few sources, is straight forward in structure and already contains historical context, Discovery Edition may be the right solution for you.

Birst Discovery Edition - Rapid Data Exploration

Birst Enterprise Edition

Birst Enterprise Edition offers a suite of analytic tools designed to satisfy an entire company's reporting needs including pixel-perfect reporting, visual discovery, ad hoc analysis, dashboards and mobile analytics. Birst Enterprise includes all capabilities of Birst Discovery, plus automated data warehousing, data mash-ups and dimensional database management.

Birst Enterprise Edition Suite of Analytics Tools