Think even faster on SAP HANA

Accelerate time to value with agile BI from Birst

Birst for SAP HANA brings agile business intelligence to SAP’s in-memory data platform. Birst is the first and only BI platform that automates the building of a data warehouse in HANA. Birst also brings a modern consumer-grade user experience that meets the needs of everybody in your organization, not just data scientists.

Birst provides a contemporary native cloud alternative for SAP customers who previously had to choose between aging, legacy BI tools that take months to implement and require large teams to support and limited data discovery tools that are usable by analysts and create information anarchy with silos of analysis.

The speed of HANA means that Birst users can analyze more data in more detail faster than ever before. This leads to numerous benefits from right-time reporting through to new insights from uncovering information previously hidden by summarized or incomplete data sets.


  • Reduce compliance risk with real time reporting
  • Maximize revenue with omni-channel customer data analysis
  • Increase revenue with complete end-to-end lead to cash process analytics
  • Reduce supply chain planning time and improve forecast accuracy
  • Reduce stocks-outs with real-time inventory reporting and visibility
  • Reduce IT admin and support costs on HANA
  • Deliver new and changed BI requirements more quickly


  • Breakthrough data discovery technology with interactive visualizations that deliver Google-like search and Amazon-like recommendations on your HANA data
  • Seamless integration of HANA data with other data sources, including Salesforce, Marketo, RDBMS, Big Data systems and more, to analyze end-to-end business processes like campaign-to-cash
  • True pixel-perfect banded reporting, ad hoc queries, data discovery and in-dashboard ad-hoc pivot from a single platform so all your users can benefit from HANA’s speed
  • Unified logical layer creates a library of your business KPIs, creating a re-usable, secure, single source of truth for your HANA analytic needs
  • Automated data warehousing dramatically accelerates time to value while reducing cost and risk.